Proportion November Update

Zakary Strange
3 years, 10 months ago
Hello everyone, time for the monthly update! So, since last month I have not made much progress as I had HandmadeCon, and when I came back I was sick, but I still did a little bit of work! So throughout the last month I laid the entire windows platform layer, part of the Linux platform layer (because I was really tired of windows shit), and created the Renderer PushCommand system.

The Windows platform layer creates an OpenGL context, processes input from the keyboard, mouse, Xbox and PlayStation 3 & 4 controllers, creates an audio buffer to send to the game layer for mixing, creates a RenderBuffer to send to the game layer, processes render commands sent from the game layer and renders them via OpenGL. With all of these things I will call the Windows platform layer done for the time being.

The Linux platform layer currently just creates a window with an OpenGL context and processes render commands. So audio and input still need to be done before this is a usable platform.

A few cool things I did in the platform layer consist of:
  1. The executable and DLL both building without linking against the CRT
  2. Listening for buffer under runs and buffer overflows
  3. Restoring to a previous dll if the currently running dll crashes
  4. Switching audio output devices if you set a new default output device in the windows mixer
  5. hot-reloadable:
    • game code
    • controllers (so you don't have to restart the game when you plug a controller in, like you have to in most game)
    • shaders
    • textures

A few notes on not linking against the CRT, as it might be interesting to some programmers.

To figure out how to just compile without the CRT I followed @mmozeiko's guide. Once I got it compiling I needed a few math functions – Sin, Cos, Exp and Log – so I could get HandmadeMath building without the CRT. As I really didn't feel like writing all of these I found a great piece of code online which had all of these written for me in SSE2 under the ZLIB license! So I took that and modified it, removing all of the stuff I didn't care about, then had HandmadeMath call those functions instead. And everything just worked!

Ah finally, since we are over all of the stuff I have done, time to talk about the stuff I'm working on now. Right now I am writing my own snprintf. As of last night I am parsing the format correctly according to the specification, and am now going through and inserting the data where it is needed. Overall this has been pretty easy so far, but I think that is mainly because I have not handled floating point numbers. However, I am prepared to handle them thanks to this paper which seems to have a nice way of doing it, so I plan on following that paper after I finish handling all of the format arguments that are not floating point.

Next month I will start streaming development on Proportion and hopefully I will have something to show. But that's all for now, folks! See ya in the next blog post!
Mārtiņš Možeiko
3 years, 10 months ago
For a good snprintf replacement I suggest to use c99-snprintf library: It is very good. No dependencies on CRT (when you make it to ignore locale stuff). Similarly how good is ssemath library you use to replace trigonometry functions.
Zakary Strange
3 years, 10 months ago
@mmozeiko, good suggestion. Im gonna right my own and if i dont like it ill use that
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